Putting Years Of Experience To Work For You

Experienced, Professional Family Law Representation

When you face family law issues such as divorce, an experienced lawyer can help you resolve your legal matters and move on with your life. At Georgia Thomas, P.A., attorney Georgia Thomas draws upon her more than 25 years of legal experience to provide effective family law representation to clients in Fort Walton Beach and throughout Florida. Ms. Thomas focuses solely on the area of family law, and makes it a priority to always give her clients the time and personal attention they deserve. To schedule an initial consultation with a Fort Walton Beach divorce and family law attorney, call 850-864-5551 or contact Ms. Thomas through the online form.

The Value of Experience

Ms. Thomas' experience not only allows her to handle cases efficiently, but also gives her the deep understanding of family law needed to maximize the value her clients receive. No matter what family law issues are involved, Ms. Thomas conducts an in-depth examination of each case, and makes sure that no detail goes unnoticed. While this approach benefits all of her clients, it is especially valuable to divorcing clients who need help determining child support or applying for support modifications.

Family Law And The Military

When the military is involved, family matters become exceedingly complex. A large portion of Ms. Thomas' practice has been focused on helping clients with military-related family law issues. These clients are not just active members of the military, but also include:

  • Military members
  • Military spouses
  • Retired military members
  • Defense contractors and their employees
  • Civil service workers

For all of these clients, Ms. Thomas is able to use her extensive experience to help them navigate the complex systems surrounding legal issues involving family law and the military.