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When Child Custody/Relocation Gets Even More Complicated

Custody/Relocation of children can be the most contentious issue of divorce proceedings. Both parents want to ensure that they still have access to their children and the power to make decisions for them.

This issue can be particularly tricky when one or both parents are in the military. What happens if one parent is deployed?

If you are considering a divorce and will need to determine child Custody/Relocation, you need to turn to an experienced military family law attorney who can help you understand your options.

Ensure That Your Parental Rights Are Respected

Even the most amicable divorce can turn ugly. Having an attorney on your side to preserve your rights and interests is important and can help you maintain a civil relationship.

Ms. Thomas is experienced in all areas of family law, with over 30 years in practice. She can help you navigate the process and often discusses topics with her clients such as:

Florida’s approach: Florida does not designate one parent as primary and one as secondary. Both parents are treated equally, and shared parenting is common.

Fathers’ rights: Unlike in the past, the father now has just as much say in raising the child as the mother.

Shared parenting plans: These plans allow parents to agree to terms related to different aspects of parenting and are common in Florida. Decisions such as which school children will attend, where they will live and who will make medical decisions are discussed between the former spouses and then spelled out in detail in the shared plan.

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