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Keeping Your Child’s Best Interest The Top Priority

Child-related issues can complicate any divorce. All parents want to ensure that they still get time with their children. If you or your spouse are in the military, it can be even trickier. There are many rules and regulations that you must follow, and usually once an order is made, it is difficult to change. It is important to get your child Custody/Relocation and support arranged in a way that is right for you and your family.

With more than 30 years of experience in family law, Georgia Thomas is especially equipped to help you navigate this sometimes confusing system and provide some common child Custody/Relocation questions and their answers.

Does Florida have sole Custody/Relocation arrangements?

Florida courts use the terminology “parental time sharing and responsibility” to refer to the amount of time a child spends with each parent and the parent’s decision-making power. It is rare that the court will completely cut off one parent from a child, even in cases of deployment.

Will I have to pay child support? Will I receive it?

Whether or not you will pay or receive child support depends on each case.

How is child support arranged?

A judge will decide based on several factors, like income, overnights and day care costs. There are guidelines in place that will also help determine.

Who gets Custody/Relocation if one of us is deployed?

If one parent is deployed, it is likely that the child will live with the other parent, unless there is a compelling reason against it.

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