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Exploring Your Options

After a divorce, changes in circumstances for you or your former spouse may require you to modify agreements related to child support and child Custody/Relocation. This can be difficult, but an experienced family law attorney can help.

Georgia Thomas has spent more than 30 years helping clients face these and other family law situations throughout Florida. Her skill, particularly in the area of military family law, means that you can be confident in your case. Whether you need a modification to your initial order or help to obtain relocation permission for your child, Ms. Thomas is ready.


When financial circumstances change, a modification can either increase or decrease child support. Situations where this typically happens include:

  • One of the former spouses begins to make more or less money.
  • One of the ex-spouses loses his or her job.
  • A child turns 18.
  • One of the former spouses becomes disabled.
  • A child has emancipated before the age of 18.

Even in these situations, a modification will not occur automatically. You must still file for a modification with the court and have the approval of a judge before a modification goes into effect.


In Florida, one parent may not move child more than 50 miles away from the other parent without permission of the court. Relocation typically occurs in the following situations:

  • A parent or his/her new spouse gets a job in a different city.
  • A move is necessary to improve or ensure the quality of life (such as moving to an area with better schools).
  • A move is required because of one spouse’s involvement in the military.

A judge must determine if relocation is in the best interest of the children. The judge will consider things such as contact with the community, friends in the area, quality of education and many other factors.

It is crucial to have an experienced attorney at your side, whether you are fighting for the ability to move your child or fighting to keep your child near you.

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