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You Have A Right To Your Child

In the past, the family law system may have seemed geared toward mothers. This is not the case anymore. Both parents have an equal right to their children. If you are the biological parent or legally adopted parent of a child, you need a skilled fathers’ rights lawyer to help you with your case.

Georgia Thomas is an experienced attorney who dedicates her entire practice to family law. She respects your paternal rights and is committed to working toward a favorable outcome to your case.

Preserving Your Rights Through Legal Action

In Florida, fathers have particular rights that must be respected. You must establish your paternity through filing a suit, even if your name is on the child’s birth certificate. Having your name on a birth certificate is one option for proof needed for the suit. DNA testing or a DNA paternity test can also serve as proof.

If you and your partner are separated, it is important for your child to be recognized as such. When you have established paternity over a child, you have the right to have input on matters such as:

Even if you and your partner are on good terms, it is beneficial to establish paternity for a child when it comes to benefits, especially if you are a military or government employee. Your child may be entitled to benefits.

An Attorney Who Knows Your Needs

Ms. Thomas is an experienced paternity lawyer and has helped countless clients obtain their paternal rights. If you would like to discuss your case, call her Fort Walton Beach office at 850-864-5551 to schedule a consultation through December 2020, or reach out through her online contact form.