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Coming To A Decision About Your Benefits Is Difficult

Military divorce proceedings can be complicated in several ways, but one of the greatest is in the matter of dividing military provided benefits such as retirement accounts and the right to a pension. State and federal laws govern how these benefits may be divided for government employees, including military personnel.

Ms. Thomas has been representing military personnel and their families with all their family law need for over 30 years. Due to this experience, she is able to advise you regarding your retirement accounts and pension.

What Will Happen To Your Pension?

Often, a military pension or retirement account is the most valuable asset in a divorce. This means that special care must be taken to divide it fairly, especially because it is difficult or impossible to change an existing division.

If you and your spouse can agree, it is often possible to decide the division yourselves with the help of your lawyers. If the divorce is contested, several factors are taken into account, including length of marriage, length of service and any premarital portion.

Often, spouses who are members of the armed forces assume that their soon-to-be former spouses will receive half of their pensions automatically. This is not necessarily true. It depends on how much of the marriage overlapped with service, as well as other factors. Regardless of the length of your marriage and service, a lawyer who has experience with military divorces and the division of benefits can help you understand your situation.

Get Professional Advice On Your Situation

Your military and retirement benefits are among your most valuable assets. It is crucial to protect your right to them during your divorce. If you would like to discuss your particular situation with a lawyer, call the office of Georgia Thomas, P.A., at 850-864-5551. You may also reach out through her online contact form.