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Making Your Divorce Simpler

Facing the end of a marriage can be both emotionally and logistically difficult. Your finances, living situation and property may all be tied up with those of your partner. Extricating what’s rightfully yours can seem daunting.

However, Florida is a no-fault divorce state that allows residents to seek simple divorces. In certain cases, you may be able to make the process quicker by pursuing an “uncontested” divorce. This means that both spouses agree that the marriage should end and are willing to work together and come to an agreement on issues such as alimony and division of assets.

Georgia Thomas is an experienced divorce attorney who understands that an uncontested, amicable divorce can simplify this difficult time.

Using An Uncontested Divorce To Your Advantage

If you can agree with your spouse, the benefits to an uncontested divorce are numerous:

  • It is less expensive. An uncontested divorce is almost always the least expensive option.
  • It is more private. If you value the protection of the details of your marriage, an uncontested divorce allows you to maintain that privacy because there is less time in open court, which makes details a matter of public record.
  • It offers a way to minimize conflict. If you and your spouse are cordial with each other, an uncontested divorce can allow you to continue that relationship more easily.

Even with an uncontested divorce, it is important to have a skilled attorney on your side, representing your interests and allowing you to maintain an amicable relationship with your soon-to-be ex-spouse.

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When you are facing a divorce, everything you can do to make the process simpler will help. If you would like to discuss your case with an experienced divorce lawyer who has helped many clients come to peaceful resolution, call the Fort Walton Beach office of Georgia Thomas, P.A., at 850-864-5551. Or reach out through her online contact form, and she will respond as soon as possible.